Thursday, 7 March 2013

One of those days

9:30am: Leave the house. Drive south.

While driving, be stunned at the amount of furniture on the side of the road. Realise it must be the yearly kerb collection time. Consider turning around and returning with truck (there was a really nice lounge suite).

11am: Arrive at destination. Collect the three nearly-new suitcases my kind and generous aunt has given me. Admire 20-month-old twins. Be ignored by both twins.

11:45: Back on the road. Drive north.

1:15pm: Arrive at parents' home.

1:30pm: Have lunch.

5:30pm: Leave after lunch.

6pm: Return home to find housemate's mother is visiting with her kitten.

6:02pm: Open bedroom door. Kitten enters simultaneously.

6:05pm: Kitten under bed.

6:10pm: Kitten in wardrobe.

6:15pm: Kitten walks across bed and jumps onto windowsill. (I close wardrobe.)

6:30pm: Kitten figures out how to get off windowsill. Repeats process of jumping up and getting down 8 more times.

6:45pm: Kitten opens closed wardrobe.

6:50pm: Kitten takes flying leap from wardrobe onto my lap, using me as a springboard to get onto windowsill again.

7:10pm: Kitten leaves room. Decide to do some crochet. Remove Solomon's Shrug from bag. Kitten appears in doorway and takes flying leap at crochet.

7:11pm: Put crochet away. Kitten attacks foot instead.

7:20pm: Kitten and owner depart. Pour large gin and tonic. Drink.

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